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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 22, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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the bucs secondary has come up big the last 2 weeks, with wins over the bears and chiefs... but they're now taking a hit to that depth in the defensive backfield... cornerback jude adjei barimah is suspended for the next 4 games. the 2nd year d-b has violated the nfls performance enhancing substance policy... so he's gone effective immediately... eligible to return for the week 16 adjei barimah in a statement says, "it is very disappointing" and he apologizes to his family, the organization, teammates, and the fans. the bucs offensive line was putting some smiles on faces this evening, in their 10th annual 'turkey time with the o-line' give-away... the big fellas loaded up a thousand bay area families with full turkey dinners for thanksgiving... the players say they always look forward to hosting this night... and
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65-hundred dinners. notre dame football is in hot water... the ncaa has ordered a years probation and ?all wins from the 2012 and 2013 seasons be vacated... for acedemic misconduct... the report details an athletic trainer giving 'impermissable acedemic benefits' for up to 8 players... some, over the course of 2 or 3 years.notre dame announced it will appeal the decision. and south to florida atlantic tonight down in boca raton.... the bulls shot just 37 percent from the field... three for fifteen from three point range.... usf is now 2-2 on the season... and the name and logo of the newest nhl franchise was unveiled tonight... say hello to the vegas golden knights... las vegas' first professional
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season.. they'll play at the newly constructed t-mobile arena... located just off the las vegas strip. even hundreds of miles up in space... there will still be a thanksgiving dinner. the commander on the international space station released a video, showing off what he will be preparing for the big feast. that's astronaut shane kimbrough... also on the menu: candied yams... dehydrated mashed potatoes,
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beans and mushrooms... and cherry and blueberry cobbler for dessert. and what's thanksgiving without ?football? mission control promises to beam up live football games for the entire six-person crew to enjoy. only two of which are american... but they will all be celebrating the holiday together. the news keeps going online at fox13 and on our fox 13 news app on your phone. "money power politics" is next... then "good day" starts at 4:00 am. from all of us
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while economists warn money is drawing up and state lawmakers consider budget cuts. senators send $6 million sprucing up their work space. >> this is cool. we kept the traditional look. >> the inmate blew the lid of the fl prison scandal and sending us letters for behind bars! le told you to clean up the crime scene. >> inside the yellow tape. >> meanwhile, national politics we show around the media and what it tells us about the way he'll governor. on the lighter ied, if you want to avoid talking politics at thanksgiving charley belcher has tips. >> you notice how you both like cranberry sauce. isn't that great? >> this is money, power & politics. >>well, tonight we have new
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>> maybe not good change along the way. economists gave uz a troubling forecast saying a $1.3 billion shortfall by 2018. with this didn't stop the lawmakers from ordering a $6 million make overof the state senate chamber. senators from both parties praised their upgrade because they said they hasn't had a make over in 40 years and they needed to spruce up to stay safe. kind of dangerous. many of the female members talked about getting their heels caught in the carpet. >> seriously, you don't want people tripping on the carpet. but when working class families are struggling, the optics of a $6 million make over can backfire. especially if the lawmakers fail thaz did last year. >> and the house is focused on ethics reform. the senate is focused on hire education funding. then there are smsh likes prison
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the inmate who helped reveal the states prison scandal is sending us letters. here's one. we're going through it as we speak with this new information he's passing along to us. first wasn't to show you what he told us in his first broadcast interview after he unearthed the scandal. >> the stroir of harold hempstead would have ended 15 years ago in st. pete. admitting to dealing in stoenl goods. a judge known for tough sentences >> he said you're a despicable human being and i hope you die in prison. >> but hempstead wound up watching others die in prison and took notes and fired off letter and complaints that exposed a scandal that rocked the state prison system. >> the shower was almost directly over my cell. >> guards use that in a south florida prison as a torture chamber and krarng the
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>> they could avoid the water by staying close to the door. but it caused their feet to be burnt because of how quick the water was riser. >> corruption, torture and murder that go beyond the shower chiam befrment >> it was evil. >> he sent a sack of letter and agreed to a television interview on what he witnessed. >> first two and six point conversions. i didn't know what it meant. >> the guards starved t inmates. particularly the mentally disabled. >> the three point is three days for lunch and dinner. >> the sergeant compared it to a concentration camp! when the inmate was brought in he would say welcome to auschwitz. >> he ez they would fb give out empty food trays to look faz they were feeding them! there's ways to use your bodys to cover the cameras. the way the camera can't view if you give them a tray. a tray with nothing on it.
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laxatives to dehydrate them more! when oscar davis and darryl richardson, i believe they died from something associated with starvation. >> hempstead believes a number of inmates died from abuse including a mren tally disabled man from tampa. he says he watched the guards walk him up to the shower chamber. >> the water was turned on. we started hearing yells. >> he says they were purnishing him for defecatingn >> it's hot. get me out. the last probably ten to fifteen twenty minutes he was yelling i'm sorry. i can't take it anymore! they locked him in the scolding showers for hours until hi skin cooked off. sgli heard him fall in the shower. >> hemp citied said the guards told him to wash away the evidence. they told you to clean up the crime scene. >> inside the yellow tape. we had yellow tape on the door that said do not use per the
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>> darren died more than four years ago. his death is still under federal investigation. meanwhile, the state prison system committed to a series of reforms after hempstead spoke out. we'll drill into that later. for now we have big changes in washington. >> yeah. president elect trump is changing his tune on climate change and prosecuting hillary clinton. first he scolded the times in a sweet. he canceled today's meeting with the failing new york times when the terms and conditions were changed at the last not nice. then he met with the times editorial board. he said he does see connection between human activity and climate change but he's previously said he's not a big believe ere in manmade climate change. he previously said he would put hillary clinton in jail but now trump says he's not interested in prosecuting her. rudy jew yaw knee explained why. >> look, there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election you put
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a decision he reached that is consistent with historical pattern of things come up. you say a lot of things. even some bad things might happen, then you put it behind you in order to unite the nation. if he made that decision i would be supportive of it. >> a lot of bad things were said this go around. he met with the times take into consideration trump is work around the national news media. >> his ewe tube video yesterday shows continue to do it as president. >> whether it's producing steel, building cars, or curing disease, i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, america. creating wealth and jobs for american workers. >> the strategy there bypassed reporters and success and deliver the message on his own terms. >> he spelled out his plan in that video but did not mention repealing boemgz care or building the wall.
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he's focusing on what he thinks he can knock out of the gate first in january. >> le said he derailed the transpacific partnership because he knows he can do that on his own. he also thinks he can strike a deal on rebuilding a lot of bridges and roads. >> they may be his first order of business. he might be building on his brand as a birld. an area where he may be able to bring republican and democrats together and he knows that. meanwhile, there really is a plot to try to take the election afwra donald trump in the electoral college. they are a half dozen, maybe electors committed to the democrats trying to convince trump electors switch over. >> you would have to change 37 votes flr that to happen. that's not something that happened nour country's history but is it snobl >> well, possible but that's not going to happen. the chance is less than one in a million. what's coming up? >> trump won't officially win the presidency. like we said we're going to
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and how we can calm down those crazy discussions during thanksgiving that might turn into politics. >> this is the humor
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we like to we like to talk about politics. we even like to argue back and forth for fun. >> not over thanksgiving dinner. >> yeah. over thanksgiving dinner, too.
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>> i don't think we should. >> we have to have a guide for what we do when we meet up with relatives. where do we go with that? what happens when you don't want to talk about politics? >> we'll show you. roll that clip. ? ? >> merissa, thanksgiving dinner for the money, power & politics family. got the stuffing here. that's one box. look at all the stuffing. that's great. wow! what do you think -- >> mac and cheese. >> this electoral college thing. should we get rid of that? >> i don't know. >> come on. you go with the popular vote. one nation, right? >> yeah but this has been in the constitution since the beginning of our country. why? >> it's funny how you're both right. it take both sides to bring that together. togetherness. you're right that popular vote matters and it does. and you're right it's the electoral college. give a voice to the voiceless.
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>> we're back to macaroni and cheese and the corn. thank you so much. i wonder what intush up to today? >> i know he doesn't have to go to work. >> bush's baked beans is good for thanksgiving. it's really good. in fact, i'll see if you have any in the fridge. >> this is great look cranberry sauz. trader joes. why did clinton spend more time in michigan? she needed michigan to win? >> she was too busy >> did you notice how you both like cranberry sauz. you like cranberry sauce? >> yes. >> you both like something. that's important on this day. >> you think we have enough stuffing? we have three boxes. how many people are feeding? >> three of us now. >> what about donald trump? >> is coffee back here to make coffee after we eat? we'll drink coffee. >> that's good. yeah. >> merissa, i look at this
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an underrated side dish. >> it's unsweetened. you know what's not sweet? donald trump doesn't seem to still like the media ha much. >> sorry. i had a transition yolk. that's all right. >> no thanksgiving would be complete without the apple sauce. it's an underrated side dish. >> this is unsweetened. >> we're making the apple muffins. sorry. ? ? >> all right. look your world famous apple muffins. >> unsweetened apple sauce. you know what else is unsweet? trump and the media. >> speaking to have media, i love it when everybody does the thanksgiving specials on tv. >> great. >> around thanksgiving and i love it. i love that program. >> yes. >> that is perfect.
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it transitions for thanksgiving to christmas. >> can you believe what the transition had -- >> the transition i love is how the bucks transform if a losing team to a winning team. >> that is true. the last win was season changing. >> that is a transition i can get behind. >> me too. >> we have a lot of this tough. we have to put this in a bowl. >> speaking of things up next. i wonder what's going to happen to the >> i'm going to get ready for christmas. >> santa. >> i have the decorations, right. with all of that. >> i can't wait. >> merissa, this is a quick one minute. is that barbara bush? >> that's rude. i wonder what jeb bush up to these days? >> i'm up to about six two and a half. i'm still growing, i think. >> me too. >> how tall are you craig?
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>> thank you charley. >> how about sne >> you look great all the time. >> oh, okay. thank you. >> we have the cherries and the mincemeat. what are we going to do? >> what is is mincemeat? >> i don't know. i can't wait to get back later and watch football and the debates. >> not today. today is about as one nation. being thankful for all we have in our lives. for being thankful that we all have a voice in this country. we're going sit down and enjoy family, friendship aen food. >> and football. >> and football. ? ? >> well, we hope that does help you in your thanksgiving feast. coming up.
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tonight he'll predict trump's first one hundred days. >> also mapping out the president elects thanksgiving trip through flor (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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please welcome adam goodman, media expert. a guy with the hot hand before the election calling it on our show well in advance. merissa, where do we senator >> two weeks since the election to the day.
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donald trump to shut down his twitter account. >> i think that the whole social media world would come to a halt if donald trump stopped tweeting. he probably has 25% of twitter stock now because he is redefining how people communicate in politics. which is refreshingly spontaneous. there are times he probably, even himself, thinking maybe i should have held back a few minutes buch are communicating. a new way politics is moving. >> yesterday he delivers a message on youtube to american people. that's not something we've seen before in presidents. >> you're going to see a lot of firsts. a lot of things are going to feel unfamiliar to a lot of people. we entered into a new era in politics. it's an area of direct democracy where people feel more engaged and can communicate that engagement on a second by
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i means less is filtered to them. more is presented to them. they being the american public and they can move and make more intelligent decisions from there. >> this is the part we shackle his feet. he can't leave until giving us a prediction. a fellow who predicted the election. predict for us something concrete that will happen in trumps first one hundred days. >> the most important thing he'll do in the first one hundred days is make an announcement probably project worth over a trillion dollars. go back to the last major one of fdr. the working project administration creating 76 thousand bridges and over six hundred million miles of roadway. i think we're looking for that thing. it's called investing in america. it will create american jobs. republicans and democrats will unite baa be hind that because of the need for jobs. it's going to feel good. because i think donald trump is
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great again to where he wants to be, which is it feels great to be part of this and believe again. i think that infrastructure project is the big road, no pun intended, to get there! adam goodman, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up president elect trump hs been spending his days putting together a staff in new york city until now. >> he'll be breaking away for the holiday in the sunshine state. we'll tell you where he'll be state. we'll tell you where he'll be after the z26kjz zy6z
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okay. so the president elect is from new york city. we know that. he also is a part time resident of florida especially in the holidays. we're going to see more of him in the state. >> this week she going to be at his palm beach estate this holiday weekend. and town officials in palm beach are expecting, guess what? an increase in traffic in the area during his visit. but there are also going to see an increase in securit, which should be no sur president elect spending his thanksgiving holiday in palm beach. but it seems like a lot of people are looking forward to his arrival. >> you're going to see a spike in tourism in florida. we're already setting records in the state even with the zika scare. now that you have a part time resident in the white house of the state that will drive tourism as well. with this we have a big show planned tomorrow. we're going to stack it with some of our favorite segments throughout the year.
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you can check out our youtube channel. search fr craig patrick money, power & politics to catch ip on prior shows you may have missed. that's our show. we'll see you tomorrow. take care.
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?? ? dish nation ? >> hey, welcome to "dish nation," everyone. today we have phaedra gracing us with her presence in atlanta. what's up, y'all? >> hey. >> i got a great show for you. would you pay $150 for 5 underwear? >> no. >> we'll tell you how to snag it. >> i don't know. >> doesn't matter. no. >> in case you need it, we'll tell you how to snag it later on. plus, another day, another celebrity divorce, and this one is no surprise. first, you guys, kanye is in the hospital. it's not looking good. according to law enforcement, kanye was at his trainer's home when police responded to a call for a welfare check claiming that kanye was acting erratically. by the time responders arrived, kanye was calmer, and he did not want to go to the hospital, but


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